About Kristina

Kristina Detter is a nutritionist, avid yoga practitioner, mother of two, and living proof of the transformative power of real food.

Kristina’s journey to becoming a certified nutrition counselor started with her first pregnancy. As a new mom, she came to understand the confusion that most mothers feel when they make decisions on what to feed themselves and their families. From formula selections to family meals, she experienced the struggle many women have with exhaustion, weight fluctuation, and health problems after pregnancy.

By changing her diet to include whole, unrefined foods and instituting other changes (which she details in her sessions), she was able to shed her extra weight and completely remove the need to take blood pressure medication. By witnessing the healing power of a healthy diet firsthand, she knew she could help others do the same.

After earning her Holistic Nutrition Counselor certification through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, Kristina now offers life-changing services that include complete health assessments, thoughtfully prepared meal plans, nutrition education, and dedicated phone and email support.

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